Image Lab Photography

Traditional and contemporary photography, workshops, and darkroom rental. 

Facilities Overview

 Here at the Image Lab we strive to provide a comfortable space for creativity and exploration of all things photography.  We provide equipment for traditional film processing, UV exposure, and finishing your work. 

B+W Enlargers 


We have two Omega enlargers that accommodate up to 4x5 film. Each enlarger station comes complete with lenses, film holders, printing frame, and grain focuser.  

Provided Chemistry



At the Image Lab we strive to provide high quality and archival chemistry while keeping the user and environment in mind. We provide Eco Pro chemistry free of harsh chemicals. 

Canon 8800 Scanner


Canon 8800 Scanner. Scans up to medium format film @ 4800 dpi

UV Exposure Unit


The Image Lab offers an Arista UV exposure unit capable of printing up to 20x24 prints. Produce one-of-a-kind prints using our contact printing frames and dim lab. 

Dry Mount Heat Press


Finish your print right! We offer a heated dry mount press that can accommodate up to 20x24 prints. 


Film Development Canisters


Everything you need to develop your own film! Metal and plastic canisters and a 4x5 development tank. We also have an available Jobo CPP 2 with several development options.

Digital Negative Printer


Need to print a negative? Use our Epson 3880 printer with UltraChrome Ink. This printer is dedicated to the production of digital negatives and is capable of printing up to 17" wide. 

Heated Drying Unit


Need results fast? Use the heated drying unit to quickly and safely dry your prints. We also have a standard drying rack located inside the darkroom. 

Lighting Equipment


Lighting Equipment available for rent.